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Walk through the walls

Jonathan David Helser


“Three days after Jesus was crucified, the disciples were locked in a room hiding in fear. They thought their story was coming to end, but really it was just about to begin. All of a sudden, Jesus walked through the walls and said, “Peace be unto you, just as the Father sent me I am sending you”, and then He breathed on them the Holy Spirit. The men who had fearfully locked themselves in that room came out and changed the world.

As we began the “The Reward Sessions” we had only planned on tracking one album, but Jesus hijacked our plan with His dream.  When we thought the songs were coming to an end, Jesus walked through the walls of the studio and we realized the songs were just beginning. The songs that we thought would only last a few minutes turned into fifteen minute experiences. “The Reward Sessions” are the sounds of an experience with the One who is more real than walls we build around ourselves.

This collection of songs is from a journey my wife and I have been on for the last eight years. These songs were found in the middle of storms when it seemed God had left us, but then we suddenly realized He was right there in the boat with us. These songs were forged in a wilderness of suffering and in a battle against sickness. Just as Jehosephat’s army sang in the middle of what seemed to be an impossible battle, these melodies have become our victory . We chose to close these two volumes with a track called “Amy’s song”. This song came in the middle of one of the most intense circumstances we have ever been a part of. Two of our closest friends lost their baby girl, Amy, before she came into this world. Months after she was gone, the Lord allowed me to hear Amy’s song from heaven. I wept over the keys of our upright piano as I heard her song of hope coming from the streets of gold. The Father began “The Reward Sessions” singing that would never give up on us, and He closed them with heaven’s song to never stop holding on.”

Jonathan David Helser, October 2008

Auf Lager


Format: Audio-CD, Digipack
Gesamtspielzeit: 65:21


  1. God of the Angel Armies (14:57)
  2. Zion (2:44)
  3. It is God (12:25)
  4. Intimacy (5:05)
  5. The Voice of a Generation (6:25)
  6. I Will not be Silent (7:17)
  7. I’ve Seen I Am (10:23)
  8. Amy’s Son (6:02)
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