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The Awakening

Jonathan David Helser


“Jesus always ruined funerals when He showed up. He told those mourning the death of Jarius’ daughter that she wasn’t dead, but only sleeping. They laughed at him, but with one word from his lips, she was awakened….

For too long we have listened to the laughter and lies of those voices that have said our dreams are dead. The Son of God stands at the door of our hearts. He is calling out our names like he called Lazarus forth from the tomb. Can you feel your heart beating again?

As we gathered together on the first weekend in March 2005, I realized the Awakening was much more than the name of a worship conference or the title of an album. “The Awakening” is the unwrapping of our destiny. It is the emerging of what we were born to be. These songs and sounds are the beating of our hearts as we were awakened to the dream of God’s.”

Jonathan David Helser

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Format: Audio-CD, Digipack
Gesamtspielzeit: 61:22


  1. Prelude (1:21)
  2. Likeness of Jesus (9:30)
  3. God is Love (18:02)
  4. Peering from Above (4:12)
  5. I’ve Seen I Am (7:45)
  6. You See (11:16)
  7. Inheritance [feat. Graham Cooke] (9:19)
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